Useful Beauties

Hossein Maher’s “Plants” is a collection of paintings that are inspired by the Persian botanical and herbal illustrations of various time periods. Initially, he started to research the artistic and historical visual sources in books, murals, textiles, jewelry, metalworks and carvings and also observed plants around him. As a result his paintings have the same sensibilities, colors, textures and composition of the original images. Maher also became fascinated with the mythological references as well as magical and mysterious properties of plants and their healing powers. Maher explains: “The plants series was a great experience for me. When I was painting them I had full concentration and enjoyed the process. I was immersed in painting and wanted to explore more openly and publicly so I can share my research with others. I am like this…I get very excited…this is how the plant series started…very playful…I still feel very good whenever I look at these paintings. I feel like I am observing the world in a more inclusive way and like to offer this beauty to others.”

Image by: Hossein Maher © Written by Roshanak Keyghobadi, 2019. This text cannot be quoted, translated or published in part or as a whole without Roshanak Keyghobadi’s permission.

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