Spontaneous Reds

Maryam Salour’s art is tightly related to nature and specifically to earth and clay.
She has been creating ceramic vases and meditating on the color of the glazes and slight changes in their forms consistently through the years. On a vase titled “Chahar Bagh, the Dream of Lost Paradise” a vast abstract landscape consisting of the emerald greens of the fields, turquoise of the sky and a field of red flowers unfold on the glazed surface. Her other vases titled “Poppies” are series of earthenwares covered with intense red glazes which she created after visiting Valley of Lar. She recalls: “I found myself exposed not just to a normal valley, but to a field of thousands of stunning fiery red poppies. The mesmerizing scenery that was laid out so beautifully before me, very gradually and I must say unconsciously, lifted me up and flew me into it….I can’t tell how long it took me to become myself again, but when I came back from this astonishing journey, I realized that I wasn’t standing there looking at them from above anymore, but my soul had become one of them and was amongst them; I had become a poppy.”

Images by: Maryam Salour © Written by Roshanak Keyghobadi, 2019. This text cannot be quoted, translated or published in part or as a whole without Roshanak Keyghobadi’s permission.

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