The Face in My Plate

Leila Shahhosseini’s haunting portraits are trapped in her underglaze paintings on round plates. Some of these solemn faces look at the viewer with piercing gazes, simultaneously watching you intensely and fading away. Silent and calm, they reside in a black and white state of being—void of color. The smooth and glowing surface of the glazed plates are disrupted by cracks and imperfections reminding us of their fragility. Shahhosseini lures you to start imagining possible stories for each face to make it familiar and less distant yet the more you try the more mysterious they become.

Images by: Leila Shahhosseini © Written by Roshanak Keyghobadi, 2018. This text cannot be quoted, translated or published in part or as a whole without Roshanak Keyghobadi’s permission.


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