Ahmad Amin Nazar’s paintings are enigmatic narratives that only he can correctly unpack. In his pictorial universe children are suspended in the air, headless figures occupy spaces with authority and those with heads on their bodies have demonic features. Although his ink paintings are predominantly in shades of grey and sepia tones yet here and there a rainbow of colors or blotches of red appear which changes the mood of each image. The central subject matter for Amin Nazar is humankind’s dual nature and as he explains, “As humans we are a big bundle of ambiguities and complexities. One minute we’re full of hope and goodness and kindness, the next minute we’re bereft of all that and become so heat up and agitated that mindlessness can take over, leading us to an act of aggression or violence.”

Images by: Ahmad Amin Nazar © Written by Roshanak Keyghobadi, 2018. This text cannot be quoted, translated or published in part or as a whole without Roshanak Keyghobadi’s permission.

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